In 2001, from the genuine necessity of a traditional jewish school that catters to the jewish community, Beit Yaacov School opened the doors of a little green house on Rua Dr. Brasílio Machado. This marked the moment when parents began enrolling their children in a school called Beit Yaacov. At that time, our reality today was still a dream, but a promise.

Activities started with a very ambitious project: to become the very first trilingual Jewish school in Brazil. Since then, the school has grown continuously.

Beit Yaacov School has been successful due to its commitment to fundamental values. Judaism is part of the DNA of the school and is transmitted through education based upon strong moral values, showing students how to value their tradition while living in a world of pluralism.

The adoption of English as the teaching language has been a core value since the school started, aiming for being aligned with the academic and professional needs of today’s world.  The commitment of the school with social justice is expressed through campaigns and social responsibility actions.

Beit Yaacov forms citizens with solid Jewish identity and international mentality.


Our mission is to provide high quality education to prepare citizens with strong Jewish identity who are internationally minded, through the development of academic skills and universal ethical values.

Our vision is to form individuals who live a full and meaningful Jewish life, through consciousness and pride in their identity, committed to the continuity of the heritage of the Jewish people, and are able to act in a global society through academic training of the highest quality and the exercise of citizenship reflected, ethically and responsibly.


Beit Yaacov School sees this pillar as the basis of each and every action. Caring for others can be defined as teaching interactions about the certainty that relationships should be based on listening, mutual support, positive  cooperation among all members of the schools’ community. The results will impact directly in the teaching-learning process and the development of students.

Partnership Family-school

Best Yaacov sees this partnership as integrated work that prioritizes the constructions of mutual trust, while focusing on actions that promote learning and the formation of students according to the values of the school.

International Mindedness

Beit Yaacov understands international mindedness not only as learning a second language, but fostering the formation of “citizens of the world”. Students should be capable of acting constructively and responsibly in different contexts, bearing a mindset based on personal identity and consistent education from an academic and ethical perspective in order to understand other cultures.

Academic excellence

Best Yaacov sees academic excellence in three dimensions: the modding of students who are responsible, autonomous, committed to their learning and aware of where they stand and how far they can go. A senior leadership team and well experienced teachers through means of on going development and quality interventions, lead students onto reach their maximum potential. A syllabus that is relevant, significant and revisited regularly, using teaching materials supported by the scientific community and facilities supported by the most advanced technological resources.

Torah values

Beit Yaacov sees the values of the Torah as millenary teaching transmitted from generation to generation, based upon the sources of the Torah and Talmud, which guides daily through mitzvoth and midot tovot, building upon a solid foundation and the Jewish identity.


Beit Yaacov understands respect as an essential pillar to promoting well-rounded citizens, who exist in harmony with a world of diversity and difference. Furthermore, through respect, strong relationships among students, families and employees, within the whole school community are developed.


Beit Yaacov provides an academic environment of excellence that fosters the development of responsible citizens who are committed to Jewish values.  The underlying concept that is present throughout the institution is that an individual who is in contact with other cultures will value even more their own traditions. Contact with diversity allows the development of firm and positive attitudes when it comes to a place and role in the world. In order to achieve so, the institution fosters reflections about it and the highest levels of ethical actions concerning local, national and worldwide matters.

By the use of a syllabus based on questioning and a student-centered approach towards teaching and learning, Beit Yaacov school provides a study programe that leads students toward of the necessary skills to become independent and autonomous. At the same time, the premise that it is necessary to make efforts towards a better world is taught.