Beit Yaacov abides by the principles of Judaism and advises students how to follow the ways of the Torah (Pentateuch) and Derech Eretz (politeness, respect), a combination of belief and commitment to the tradition and Halacha (Jewish laws), partnered with knowledge, conception and the values of the developed world. We promote the knowledge of Mitzvot (precepts), the reflection upon and learning of ethical and moral values, always bearing in mind the formation of a well-rounded individual.

We educate our students to be firm and consistent in the Jewish ways and their very own identity, in such a manner that they would be allowed to flourish as active members of the community and as adults who will live a fulfilling and wholesome Jewish way of living along with their roles as citizens of the world.

Interaction with others must occur in agreement with values and behaviours as meant by the Jewish tradition, with understanding, openness and respect towards other cultures.

Subjects taught in school are: Hebrew language immersion classes, Tanach (Bible), Halacha and traditions (Jewish law), Tefilot (prayers), Celebrations, Jewish and Israeli History

During the school year, students work on social and community projects through which the very concept of Tzedaka(benevolence, social justice) is implicit as one of the pillars of Jewish values of importance in the formation of our young people. Helping others is a life concept in our school.

The Israel Eretz and Israeli State are frequently taught as part of other subjects and other times approached as the main subject.

Students are involved cognitively and emotionally in the teaching of history and what happens in today’s Israeli State. Moreover, they learn to embrace Israel with the core and heart of the Jewish people.

Chessed and Tzedaka

These are projects developed throughout the year by the department of Hebrew and Judaism and focus on values such as solidarity and social justice. Through campaigns, research and studies given, they aim at stimulating students in the sense of getting acquainted, thinking and acting on behalf of social justice. Both projects involve the entire community: students, teachers and parents.

Chessed: means “kindness”. This is a project at school, for which each grade will take on the study of a social cause and visit institutions in order to interact and bring joy to people who are served by those institutions. The planning of such visits take into account the level of maturity of students involved, and then enables active participation and complex social matters.

Tzedaka: The goal of Beit Yaacov is to ensure that its ideals are shared and put into practice by students through ethical, responsible and solidary actions. Donation campaigns for clothes and food helps institutions or social programmes and are just one example of the projects developed by the school which also promotes visits to institutions, communities, waste recycling centers among others.

Ideology of the Hebrew department and Jewish Culture

Beit Yaacov aims at forming good Jewish citizens, knowledgeable of the Torah and mitzvot, who are prepared to take on roles in society with responsibility and wisdom, are aware of the past and history, and are prepared to carry on religion and culture.  Through the use of diverse methodologies the goal of Tefila, Ivrit, Chagim and Torah is to promote meaningful knowledge acquisition and reflection, in regards to the culture and individualism.