After school is an extra program when students can stay at school  for a longer period of time.

After School, in early childhood education consists of learning about sport activities in a playful manner, always focusing on the development of a global skill set . At this age children are limited  friendly matches and put on exhibitions regarding their chosen activity.  

In Elementary school, activities include tactics, technique and performance improvement skills. Students begin taking place in competitions against other schools and continue conducting exhibitions.

The after school program in Middle school and High school makes access to practice and culture of sports democratic, encouraging students to practice physical activities regularly. The school promotes exchanging activities with other schools, while developing the understanding of the concept of citizenship, the joy of being in our school and improving their  quality of life. Tournaments also take place.

Artistic Gymnastics: G2 to G7

Israeli Dance: G1 to G4, G6 to HS

Skating: G1 to G6

Ballet: K4 to G2

Circus: K4 to G4

Volleyball: G5 to HS

Chess: G1 to G6

Soccer: K4 to HS

Robotics: G1 to G6

Judo: k4 to G9

Minecraft: G2 to G8

Tennis: K5 to G9

School play: G2 to G7

Skateboard: K5 to HS

Handball: G5 to 1º HS

Capoeira: G9 to HS

Chinese boxing: G9 to HS

Running: G9 to HS

Piano: G2 to HS

Guitar: G2 to HS

Guitar: G2 to HS